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Alchoholic Beverage Control

Local and State Violations - Compliance - Hearings

Hiring an Experienced A.B.C. Attorney Isn’t Enough Anymore

The alcoholic beverage industry is one of the most highly regulated businesses in New Jersey. So, it’s no secret that New Jersey laws and A.B.C. regulations are extremely tough on liquor license owners. In fact, the laws and regulations are so tough these days, simply knowing the law isn’t enough anymore. Licensees need an attorney who knows the nuances of the business . . . an attorney who lives the business.

Thomas Jannarone, Esquire, “The Nightclub Lawyer” has been in the bar/restaurant industry since 1984. He knows and understands the harsh realities of operating a liquor license. From college pub to large nightclub, from snack bar to high-end restaurant, Mr. Jannarone knows the business and knows the laws.

License Owners Aren’t All Millionaires

The public’s perspective of the money made in the hospitality business is severely flawed. People see the sales, but they don’t see the ever-increasing costs, labor, taxes, regulations, and oversight. Thomas Jannarone, Esquire, fully understands this as he deals with it on a daily basis. By “living” and continually researching this highly regulated business, Mr. Jannarone can save you time and money because he doesn’t have to waste your time figuring out how to best protect your rights and pocketbook.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth . . . A Ton of Cash!

Face it. One huge lawsuit can wipe out just about anyone. One major mistake by an employee can close your doors. Don’t let it be you! Not knowing the myriad of complex and often seemingly unfair laws and regulations which govern your business is not an excuse when you (or your employees) break one. You will have to pay.

Thomas Jannarone, Esquire, keeps vital information on tap to help you avoid common industry pitfalls and reduce the likelihood of lawsuits and A.B.C. violations. He is available for consultation before trouble brews to help you avoid unnecessary litigation and A.B.C. fines.

Experienced Alcoholic Beverage Control Attorney

Thomas Jannarone, Esquire, represents countless nightclubs, restaurants, clubs, hotels, liquor stores, and bars throughout the State of New Jersey. His successful law practice is dedicated to State and local Alcoholic Beverage Control matters, liquor license transfers, and disciplinary hearings before Municipal Licensing Authorities and the State’s Office of Administrative Law.

With over 30 years of real life experience in the nightclub, bar, and restaurant business, Mr. Jannarone understands the maze of regulations and unique challenges liquor license owners face every day. This “real-life”, hands-on experience, combined with his legal background and extensive studies, gives Mr. Jannarone a unique and fresh perspective to defending license owners and operators.

Thomas Jannarone, also has experience with NJ’s Dram Shop laws and NJ’s Fair Server Liability Act.

Business Transactions, Contracts, Permits and Licensing

Thomas Jannarone, Esquire, regularly handles many types of business transactions, license transfers, contracts, licensing, and other deals common to the hospitality business including:

  • Liquor License Transfers

  • Stock Sales

  • Asset Sales

  • Management Agreements

  • Concession Agreements

  • Promoter Deals

  • License Renewals

  • Special Permits and Applications


Do not rely on your “real estate attorney” to handle these highly regulated transactions. Any deal which includes a liquor license should be handled by an A.B.C. attorney. One mistake can put your license, and livelihood, in jeopardy.

Make sure you always consult an experienced liquor license attorney; someone who knows the strict rules and regulations of New Jersey’s Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Alchoholic Beverage Control: Practices
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