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Operation - Security - Premise Liability - Alcoholic Beverage Service
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Nightclub, Restaurant and Bar “Operations Expert”

When not practicing as an Attorney, Mr. Jannarone offers expert services in connection with the operation and best practices of nightclubs, restaurants, concert venues, and bars. “Operations” is essentially comprised of two important areas: Alcoholic Beverage Service and Premise Security/Liability. 


Additionally, Mr. Jannarone renders opinions on alcoholic beverage control compliance, alcoholic beverage control disciplinary matters, and driving while intoxicated issues. As you can see, you enjoy numerous experts wrapped up in one when you hire Mr. Jannarone.

Through “Jannarone Hospitality, LLC”, Mr. Jannarone reviews law suits, discusses matters with counsel, drafts reports, and testifies as an expert witness. Mr. Jannarone has represented both the Plaintiff and Defense bar.

Mr. Jannarone is a published hospitality writer. He has given numerous lectures and taught classes on the law and nightclub business for organizations such as the New Jersey Licensed Beverage Association, New Jersey Restaurant Association, National Restaurant Association, Nightclub and Bar Magazine (at their International Trade Show) and Rutgers University.

Training and Speaking Engagements

Mr. Jannarone is available to speak for organizations and consult the Hospitality Industry in many areas including:

  • Alcoholic Beverage Control Violations

  • Operations and Management

  • Staff and Management Training

  • Server Liability

  • Compliance Inspections

  • Dram Shop and Premise Liability

  • Special Event Production

  • Entertainment

  • Alcoholic Beverage Control Compliance


Thomas Jannarone is also available to teach the “ABC Licensee and Management Boot Camp” program which he developed for the New Jersey Licensed Beverage Association. This intensive and informative program is the only Licensee and Management training program in the state of New Jersey.

Mr. Jannarone’s “ABC Licensee and Management Boot Camp” was awarded a grant through the New Jersey Department of Labor and is free for members of the New Jersey Licensed Beverage Association.


Consulting Services

Adding three decades of real-life operational experience to his vast legal knowledge, Mr. Jannarone has thrived in the nightclub and hospitality industry since 1984. Mr. Jannarone regularly consults liquor license holders, operators, and managers in all aspects of operation.

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