Liquor License Transfers

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Business Transactions, Contracts and Licensing

Thomas Jannarone, Esquire, regularly handles many types of business transactions, license transfers, contracts, licensing, and other deals common to the hospitality business including:

  • Liquor License Transfers

  • LLC Membership/Stock Sales

  • Asset Sales

  • Management Agreements

  • Concession Agreements

  • Promoter Deals

  • License Renewals

  • Special Permits


Do not rely on your “real estate attorney” to handle these highly regulated, and often complicated, high-stakes transactions. You need an attorney who has been in the business and understands how important the details and the timing of these transfers can be.


Any deal which includes a liquor license should be handled by an experienced A.B.C. transaction attorney.  One mistake can put your liquor license, and livelihood, in jeopardy.

Make sure you always consult an experienced liquor license attorney; someone who knows the strict rules and regulations of New Jersey’s Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.


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